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Deciding what to learning can seem daunting at times. With tons of interesting courses and life-changing professors, how does one choose which classes to take? I decided to investigate this quesiton using my school’s course evaluations, ggplot2, and tidytext. Code is available here.


Each course evaluation has three quesitons regarding teaching quality with scores from 1-5 corresponding to agreeability. There is also a free text section for comments.

First, the three questions are all highly correlated. Not too suprising that highly rated courses have good teachers.

Looks like 2016 had more respondents than the previous year.

And schools have different popularity over years.

As well as each school’s overall rating

To make sense of the comments, each word is assigned a score from -5 to +5 corresponding to the overall sentiment expressed, as seen in this cloud.

Here is the word frequency in certain classes

We can average the sentiment from school specific comments and compare

Finally, this plot shows the distribtution of word scores for each school


In case you’re wondering: yes, I am that much of a nerd.

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